This season… the genies take charge

I have noticed this certain kind of look that is rather popular for casting choice this runway and editorial season. ‘Genie’ is a word that I have came up with to describe it. They have that Gemma Ward-like wide eyed innocence and they carry off clothes well both on magazine pages and shows.  These girls are mostly favoured by labels that are aiming to appeal to younger clients. Think Marc by Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu…

I am talking about:

Imogen Morris Clarke


She  has a baby face that, I dare say— is a dead ringer for the (now commercialize) Heather Marks.

Nimuë Smit


She opened Miu Miu. Need I say more?

Olesya Senchenko


Walks only minor shows for the moment but I remember her pretty well as she’s on the cover of the very first issue of Singapore BAZAAR that I bought, shot by Chuando and Frey of course.

Genies are ‘it’.



    Why do the models have to look like 12 year-old girls? I’m not convinced that that makes us want the clothes.
    -Johanne at

  • Asian Models Blog

    They look clean and alien-esque — great for interpreting clothes. They easily disappear and all you see are the beautiful fabrics.