The kid

Imogen Morris Clarke.

She is such a doll, 16 year old who looks like a 10 year old. Seems like a lot of photographers/designers love this face too, especially when they are looking for a certain childlike innocence to translate their ideas.

Chadwick Tyler’s Tiberius exhibition:


The two shots above reminds me so much of school kids who play and get dirty at the grass field or your lil’ sis who just got into trouble for fighting. I don’t really love the images though, but Imogen is such a standout amongst all other models’.

Two more shots from Tyler’s site…


‘L’esquive’ from the new Mixte magazine, by Karim Sadli.


Acting as a high school rebel in this editorial.

And check out her look at the recent Luella show,


What a kid!


  • carol

    she is cute blah blah but she looks sick in some pics

  • Grace

    Imogen actually looks more like a kid refugee from a war-ridden country than just a little girl playing in the dirt in that first set. It’s almost scary.

  • passionista

    it’s almost scary? it is scary. it’s child abuse. this has to stop.