Suddenly a muse

Out of nowwhere, Anja Rubik on an editorial/cover/campaign streak, courtesy of Inez & Vinoodh.

Campaigns: Balmain, Gucci Fall 09′ (with 8 other models) and Gucci Pre-fall 09′:


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Recently, she’s been on at least ONE Vogue cover each month, since May.

Her latest— Vogue Nippon August, ph by I&V

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It’s funny to see this sort of thing happen. Anja, to everyone is like the editorial/runway queen who’s been doing the same amount of work for the past few years, most memorably, as the once long time face of Chloé. But like what I have mentioned before, she just doesn’t have the luck to be on as many Vogue covers as let say Anna Selezneva, or open/close as many shows as Poly. Then all of a sudden, Inez & Vinoodh is bringing her everywhere (as if Daria has gone on a vacation). At the rate that she’s going, her status/profile has definitely gone a notch up. Late much, but it’s good to see that her hardwork being paid off.


  • AMB

    I used not to be able to tell Anja Rubik and Natasha Poly apart but over time, I found Anja to be more photogenic and versatile.

    I’m so glad she’s getting the attention she deserves.