Siri-licious Numéro

This is the workrate of Miss Siri Tollerøld at Numéro. In a span of one and a half years she has been featured in eight editorials, with a space of at least one issue in between, three issues the longest, and for each time, a different photographer to work with (except for Sofia & Mauro, they shot her twice). But till today, she still didn’t get her much deserved cover. Why?

Here’s the timeline:


Numéro #86 “Wondergirl” ph by Greg Kadel


Numéro #89 “Dame blanche” ph by Sofia & Mauro

05640_0010_122_886loNuméro #91 “Archi Couture” ph by Karl Lagerfeld

15070_img494_122_370loNuméro #94 “Baignade interdite” ph by Camille Vivier

27693003Numéro #95 “White light white heart” ph by Dusan Reljin

01942_mommie0009_122_150lo1Numéro #97 “Mommie dearest” ph by Sofia & Mauro

73708151Numéro #101 “Lonesome girl” ph by Camilla Åkrans

and the latest, Numéro #102, ph by Luciano Val and Franco Musso:
siri1siri2siri3 siri4


siri7 siri8



Someone at Numero must be loving Siri.

She is heading to Shanghai soon, maybe I might bump into her while on vacation.

Just joking.

[images: TFS scans (all from Siri’s thread),]

  • ChickNamedHermia

    Hmmm I like the #95 pic

  • X-Wen

    She’s gorgeous! It’ll be awesome if you bumped into her. Who knows right?

  • Kassie

    That’s the first time I like any of that cutout stuff Ricardo did last season at Givenchy, but Siri is scary skinny…

  • Camille

    It only took 8 editorials!

  • AMB

    She looks much better with dark hair. As a blond, she isn’t as spectacular when compared to the other blond models like Sasha.

  • GW

    I’ve been following her for quite some time now via TFS and I’m absolutely convinced she’s going to be huge! Icon in the making.

  • bhisan

    there are toooo many models and only those who are quite well known only gets covers obviously. and to actually be relevant in editorials is quite lucky for her. seems numero loves her. and i do find her sexy.

  • anna

    I agree Kassie. I saw a picture of her without a shirt on TFS and her body looks like the body of a ten year old boy.

  • kassie

    I saw that too Anna, When she first started I remember thinking she was gorgeous, but her body is so thin and frail looking.

  • moda

    very nice, ones on pic are very cute!