RTT Exclusive! Interview with Marcus of Rag & Bone

I caught up with the designers of Rag & Bone Marcus Wainwright and David Neville during New York Fashion Week for a quick interview and guess what I found out – the brother of Marcus actually lives and works in Singapore! He sells sugar (google Czarnikow). Here’s the full interview with Marcus Wainwright during the CFDA/Vitamin Water soiree at Hotel Empire NYC.

1. What is the inspiration behind your t-shirt design for Vitamin Water x CFDA?

It’s inspired by the same stuff that we’re inspired by for the Spring/Summer 2012 mens & women’s shows, 70s surfers.

2. How did you get the print done?

We did it on a computer and these guys from the vitamin water printed everything.

3. Which contestant’s t-shirt do you like most?

They are all good.

4. How’s New York Fashion Week so far for you this season?

We don’t really do much for fashion week. We did a show on Friday and now we’re done.

5. Will you create a lower priced line, like a lot of designers are doing now?

Not at the moment. We have a different type of plan, we are not a very very expensive brand so we don’t really need a lot of lines. We have a very broad range in our line from t-shirts to suits so we have kind of the range.

6. Have you thought of expanding to asia?

We have a store in Tokyo.

7. How about Singapore?

My brother lives in Singapore! He sells sugar.

8. What do you think about fashion blogs?

They are great, it’s very exciting and very influential.

9. Do you read fashion blogs?

Yeah some.

10. What kind of blogs do you read?

Fashion Toast, The Cut, Cool Hunting.