Rock on, Sasha.

Given that Prada is known for propelling models to stardom, fronting the brand’s coveted ads for the fifth consecutive season has definitely confirmed Sasha Pivovarova’s status as one of the industry’s top models right now. There was this article from the imagist trying to figure out who’s the current No.1 and it’s between Sasha and Raquel. I’d say… Sasha all the way.

Check out the full set of ads. Some might not like the collection but Steven Meisel’s photography is superb as usual. I’m a little disappointed that Meghan Collison did not get her big break and be included in the ads. But seeing so many Sashas at one shot shall make up for it?


prada-ss08-full-set-2.jpg prada-ss08-full-set-4.jpg prada-ss08-full-set-5.jpg prada-ss08-full-set-3.jpg

prada-ss08-full-set-6.jpg prada-ss08-full-set-7.jpg

prada-ss08-full-set-9.jpg prada-ss08-full-set-10.jpg

prada-ss08-full-set-12.jpg prada-ss08-full-set-11.jpg prada-ss08-full-set-15.jpg

prada-ss08-full-set-13.jpg prada-ss08-full-set-14.jpg

How does Sasha manage to look different and keep each season’s ad campaign fresh?
She’s got staying power.

source: ikeya.seki @ tfs from

Lastly, Sasha’s the other long term client— Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, SS08.
She looks stunning in beauty ads too.


  • Brie

    Sasha still looks beautiful in the Prada ads!!!! I am not much fan of the Prada wear for this season but I love the shoes and accesories!

    Buy the way does anyone knows in which magazine runs the Giorgio Armani Cosmtics ads with Sasha?, Cant find them in US Vogue.

  • Acidtrash

    im so glad to no see Meghan’s facde that often, For sure Sasha won the war… she is now #1

  • Asian Model Blogger

    Sasha rocks! She looks so much like Bridget Bardot in some photos. I think it’s her lips.

  • Aaron

    she’s so awesome, much better than raquel. this is already her sixth season as the living embodiment of Prada and i’d bet good money it won’t be the last.

  • sophie

    sasha is definately one of the best models around right now, shes beautiful in a very interesting way and shes not as super-skinny as some other models. plus the fact that shes an artist makes her interesting and her personality really comes across in each picture.

  • peek-a-boo

    I love the way Sasha struts down the runway with her cute twirl at the end.

  • Kielo

    It is amazing how many different aspects Meisel finds in Sasha for the Prada campaigns!
    I must say there is no one who even slightly compares with her work!
    But… I don`t think that other photographers/brands know how to make her work for them.. She doesn`t look that great in editorials usually, and I can`t imagine why.

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