Ranya at Givenchy

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Incredibly striking but the outfit looks wrong on her to be honest. Her look is absolutely avant garde after the hair cut, maybe shows like Margiela or Yohji would suit her better. Ranya brings a very different feel to every outfit she has on, she is eerie, very pale and alien-like but if you were the audience you would probably perk up and look at her when she walked by. She looks like she comes from another dimension.

About the Givenchy casting… it has been a really long time (or did it happen before?) since such a random mix of models were cast in a show. Time will tell whether the sudden explosion of uncanny casting is going to be influential or not. At the moment, I see no pattern in the line-up (check complete list here). For Givenchy, anyone who has the corpse bride look — Dree Hemingway, Karen Elson, Katrin Thormann, Louis Pedersen, Meghan— is perfect for the show, they pull off the washed-out make up really well and match Tisci’s gothic elegance aesthetics. But then there were Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated models on duty, and also tons of retired veterans that I have almost never heard of (not my generation). They even managed to lure WORLD WIDE exclusives of Prada and Ralph Lauren (Ymre and Valentina). The message that they are sending out— “we can bring anyone in our command”. But in the end of the day, it is prone to be one of the most memorable show casting in years, and the selected newbies seemed extremely special.

[images: style.it, style.com]

  • kayandreamer

    I completely agree with you on her look, it is very ghouly, but I do think she looks great in the outfit