Prada’s No.1 girls

Is it just me or does the latest Prada girl 1 has an uncannny resemblance to Daria?

Natalia Chabanenko

And isn’t it Prada that kicked start Miss Werbowy’s (amazing) modelling career?

Recently, I have been wondering when will the star-making machine churn out another sensation. Maybe it is because Sasha dominated it for too long, there hasn’t been much success from the recent No.1 girls (Suvi and Irina K are huge, kind of, but are lacking of major covers and Steven Meisel’s favour).

Here is a list of the Prada No.1s from the past seasons:

Starting at…

Fall 02′: Eva Herzigova
Spring 03′: Louise Pedersen
Fall 03′: Elise Crombez
Spring 04′: Daria Werbowy
Fall 04′: Raquel Zimmermann
Spring 05′: Kristen McMenamy
Fall 05′: Sasha Pivovarova
Spring 06′: Sasha Pivovarova
Fall 06′: Anna Mariya Urazhevskaya
Spring 07′: Suvi Koponen
Fall 07′: Irina Kulikova
Spring 08′: Adina Forizs
Fall 08′: Natalia Chabanenko

Can you see something??

  • darialogist

    i see the resemblance too!

  • see through dress


    Very much the same facial features and resemblance to Daria.

  • Michelle

    Kristen McMenamy was HUGE in the adrogenous 90s. She and Linda Evangelista did many editorials and campaigns together, especially Versace. Kristen was a fave of Anna Wintour and Steven Miesel as well. I personally didn’t think she was attractive but she was interesting looking. Anyhow it was before your time and she was a HUGE Supermodel but not in a sexy way. You should check out her old stuff … it was very interesting, gothy, androgenous.

    PS. Love your site and your writing.

  • Michelle

    PS. This new girl kinda looks like Shalom Harlow in the face. Look at older, younger pics of Shalom in the 90s and early 2000s …strong resemblence

  • franzy

    They do look alike, but I like Daria better.

    Kristen McNemany was huge in the 90’s! She appeared once on the cover of American Vogue.

  • Kielo

    Kristen also did Marc Jacobs F/W 05 campaign, I think she is married to Craig McDean.

  • Michelle

    No, sorry that info isn’t correct on McDean. He is married to married stylist Tabitha Simmons.

  • Christina
  • Christina
  • Asian Model Blogger

    Yes, she does look a bit like Daria.

    Lily Shen, the girl I featured looks somewhat like Ling Tan.

  • Asian Model Blogger

    Kristen McMenamy is that eyebrow-less model who looks like an alien. She’s really odd looking and was one of Meisel’s darlings in the 1990s.

  • Kielo

    It says on Wikipedia that Kristen is married to Miles Aldridge, bizarre that I should confuse them…

    Anyway, I`ve been looking at a collections magazine that has a page tall image of Natalia C. in the closing Prada look. And as she is holding her chin up, her nose is bit pig-like. Now that could work for her I guess, if Meisel did a
    Winnie the Pooh cover for VI. (Too early to say really, I still want Adina back!!!)

  • chicnoir

    Kristen McMenamy what Michelle said.

  • chicnoir

    Very nice blog by the way.