On the radar… Fall 09 new faces

Fall 09′ fashion week is coming in 2 weeks time, most of the models have already flown in to New York for preparation, except for those who are still in Europe doing Berlin of course… but there are some girls who are new, and already generating a lot of buzz.

Ubah Hassan [CLICK] for Ralph Lauren Spring 09

Rose Cordero [Supreme] polaroids

Ubah and Rose have that sort of unconventional beauty that many bookers are going after. Imagine all the models these days, only differentiated by their face features and hair colours, walking down the runways in the exact same hair style and makeup, you really need that one unique girl that can pull the entire show together with maybe just the opening/closing slot (who can forget Ubah’s closing for Ralph Lauren Spring 09?) It’s all about effective casting, kinda tricky but it really works most of the time, it leaves impression on clients/audiences unknowingly. For me, Ataui Deng’s appearance in Proenza Schouler’s Spring 09 show did left me an impression.


On the other hand, most of these girls will surely win at the editorial field. For Rose, it might just be the polaroids so far, but knowing her background and seeing her uniqueness just makes you even more curious on how will she do on the runway, let alone printwork first. She evokes something that no other model has at this moment.

00220m1Backstage at Marni Spring 09: Sigrid Agren, Suzie Bird, Constance Jablonski

Watch out for the French models. This season expect the up-and-coming ones (Sigrid, Suzie, Constance) and the oldies (Heloiseg Guerin, Charlottle Di Calypso) to get more major. The latest Dior couture show was opened and closed by French models. French is just ‘in’ right now, everyone wants that dash of chic-ness.


…and Ranya Mordanova at Supreme is total Marc Jacobs material. The new androgyny on the block.

Daniela Cosio [Major] at Giambattista Valli Pre-Fall

Daniela from Mexico has a great runway presence. She is doing the Siri Tollerød route, going into her first fashion week with a Vogue Italia editorial already under her belt.

Lastly, Diandra at Elite


Diandra is an albino who’s black. No one can ever comes in as unique as that, she’s out of the world, but intriguing. You can so imagine her on the runway, or in print work, she’s going to be dynamic.

Well, it’s only a few weeks away, let the madness begin.

images: style.com, models.com, FORD NY, The Imagist

  • kingchic

    I’m keeping my eyes PEELED for Daniela Cosio (STUNNING during the GValli show *sigh*), Ataui Deng, Sigrid Agren, and Ubah Hassan.


  • http://mode-ulation.blogspot.com Theresa

    I hope Ubah and Rose have a great season! I agree they’re so unique, I’m really excited to see new models for fashion week 🙂

  • http://asianmodelsblog.blogspot.com Asian Models Blog

    Is there a MALE albino-black model too? I remember seeing him on some of the shows last season.