More on young models

Makeup maestro Dick Page says:

“It’s difficult for me to think about a cosmetics idea on someone who is basically a child. I’m not crazy about anonymity in fashion or beauty or the fact that we work with very, very young models because they’re supposed to have the ideal body. They’re like ciphers. Bless them, but I don’t really understand it as an aesthetic.”

Not many people have spoken out about the issue so kudos to Page. And kudos to Inez & Vinoodh too, they are known to be against photographing models under 18 years old, their latest muse Eniko is 22.

Monika Jagaciak had a great season on the New York and Milan runways, but the 15 year old couldn’t avoid tripping on the runways in the beginning (at Herve Leger, and photogs took way too many unsightly photos of that incident) and wearing a sheer top  (at Ferreti, her first look), but she must be a pro right now after that much talked about beach shoot when she was 14.

When you look at her runway pictures, amazing face, yes, but the body tells everything that she is just a child and not grown up yet. The posture ain’t right either, it’s creepy to see yet so many people went head over heels over this new face.


I don’t know who started this ‘trend’ of using young models, but I do know that most of them get discovered at 13,14 and some agencies tend to let them work for teen magazines and build up their portfolios first. That’s fine if they protect these young models, especially on policies like no nudity. I can’t imagine a teenage girl working in such cut throat industry where bad influences are everywhere.

On another note, IMG, Monika’s agency, just scooped up a 13 year old Dutch model Evelien. Wait and see if history repeats…


  • anna

    They aren’t even done growing.

  • kayandreamer

    Hmm, I am quite ambivalent towards this topic, I am glad the issue is being raised, but I am quite unsure about my position on this issue.

    On one hand if models are presenting ideal bodies for the masses, and underdeveloped 12year old bodies are no where near a healthy body image.

    But from the models perspective, this is an amazing chance to make a lot of money and potentially change their lives, so if they are being watched over by others I dont see a problem with it

  • Laila

    Yes but I see a problem with doing it when their education is up in the air and all, a lot of models wait till they are 18 or more before going full time and I think that’s a smart choice, way smarter indeed. I just don’t see why they CAN’T wait just a little longer, a year or two of testing is good, just don’t start full throttle when they are like 14, 15.

  • bhisan click here !

    I think it is getting out of hand ! ! !

  • Laila

    ^ Oh wow, another one. At least Maria is not signed on to a major agency world wide, Evelien is only 13 and she’s already done that. Maria looks more mature but less interesting than Evelien.

  • milo

    The right dress is amazing, your blog is amazing!

    You are really good, love all the inpiration, reading your blog is like reading a magazine!

  • bhisan

    i dont know what to expect.. and hopefully the modeling industry will have some bars on age soon..

  • passionista

    evelien looks like the average girl next door beauty. she belongs in school. she needs to grow up in a healthy, normal way.
    the fashion industry should be stopped this child labor! parents are to blame as well. how on earth can you, as a parent, allow your child to be exploited and take away a precious part of their lives? that is how i feel about it.

    this has to stop!

  • D

    where can we find the photos of monika tripping??

  • kassie

    I have mixed feelings about it. Its a one in a lifetime chance but it is potential worth it for a 14 year old girl to leave home and model. Yet, modeling is filled with many bad things, cocaine, anorexia, smoking, sex, backstabbing, etc. Many veteran models started young, Stephanie Seymour, Kate Moss,etc. So one turned out excellent and the other well…has had some rough patches. Who knows, teenagers who are not models these days face the same thing…

  • ryder

    she is 13???

  • Laila

    a lot of sites… i forgot, but the cut did a post on it, then getty images…