Mélanie Laurent – Dior’s new muse

You don’t have to wait until couture week in July to see the first high-fashion dresses by the design studio of Christian Dior in the post-John Galliano era. The atelier is in the throes of realizing two dresses for Mélanie Laurent for Cannes Film Festival. The hot French actress best known for her role in Inglourious Basterds is slated to wear couture creations from the fashion house on the red carpet for the opening night tomorrow as well as the closing night.

According to French media reports, the front row fave and new fashion darling has signed on to become the new face of Dior’s Hypnotic Poison fragrance, once fronted by the va-va-voom Monica Bellucci.

Although the Galliano controversy has wrapped Dior in one negative headline after another, we have to say we really like their affection towards brilliant French actresses from Marion Cotillard to Eva Green to Mélanie Ward. Mélanie’s squeaky clean image and her girlish, sassy personality might just be a great fit for the fashion house.

[images: saywho, daylife.com]