Meisel's new muse

You know, when Steven Meisel features a solo rookie on the very coveted VOGUE ITALIA cover, you can’t help but take a second good look at her.

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Meghan Collison, from Canada.
Her expression on the cover freaked me out, her eyes are saying ”I’m going to give you a punch”. Ok, maybe Meisel thinks that it suits the title ‘Independent’. Meghan reminds of a sulky version of Finnish model Suvi Koponen. Suvi, on the other hand, is not really on Meisel’s favoured models list.

The one remarkable thing about her is that before the SS08 fashion week, she has already got editorial works like Pop with Mert n Marcus, Vogue Paris with Bruce Weber and British Vogue with Testino. All these are enough for her to land the first spot on’s Top 10 Newcomers list, marking her grand entrance to the modelling industry.

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At least she looks healthy, quite rare to see models with no bones sticking out on their arms and shoulder these days.


  • Kielo

    That`s a brilliant cover! Very striking! Yeah, she reminds me a bit of Suvi too.
    I`ve recently been wondering what is going on with Vogue Italia covers. There haven`t been many new faces, and in June there was Adina Fohlin, who saw her career high in 03 or 04. Like WTF. And Denise Dvorakova in July, talk about boring. I hate Aggy too…

    Just to point out: Suvi was shot by Meisel for the Vogue Italia story about youtube etc. It was last Jan or Feb, towelling and on a different page in neo-goth gear. And in US Vogue last spring there were some pics in one of those all-stars stories. But true, they obviously haven`t hit it off together. I`ve been wondering about that. I`m a Suvi fan.

  • Lu S.A

    Ok I’ve changed the Meisel-Suvi fact, thanks for telling me. I like Suvi too, she looks really serious all the time. She’s doing quite well in Milan, opening like four coveted shows? Yeah.

  • Asian Models Blogger

    She’s gorgeous and the Italian Vogue cover is magnificent.

  • .m.

    she looks amazing! I see a little freja in her, maybe it’s only in the cover though.

  • Perisacooper

    ^^ Yeap. Some say that she’s the next freja coz of the bad ass aka “Dean” attitude associated with freja.

  • Kielo

    Just to continue on my favorite point: lot of the new model stars haven`t been given covers, so this one is great to see.
    Like where are the Olga, Anabela, Anna Barsukova, Hye Park etc etc..covers? (Well, Hye is in Korea at least..)
    But I used to trust Meisel to come up with the most unexpected style for a newbie-cover that would just amaze. Hasn`t happened resently. I`m thinking of Snejana and Jessica Stam, and there must have been others as well.
    Or I might have dementia… (Must have been bad covers as well.)