Meet Mimmi

Mimmi Soderstrom from Sweden, with MIKAS.

Exploded out of nowhere to a Miu Miu campaign.

images from Mikas and Viva





The models are still fairly unknown before the campaign. Hannah Holman is getting a lot of buzz for closing Prada resort only recently. Whitney Coble walked Christopher Kane last season (since it’s also casted by Russell Marsh I wonder why she didn’t do Prada/Miu Miu). Victoria Tuaz, a french girl, came in sixth at Elite Model Look, had eds in Teen Vogue, French Glamour and Marie Claire Italy. Ilda Lindqvist, has quite a handful of printwork under her belt, and looks like Adina Forizs, an ex-Prada opener.  But Mimi, is really new new. At the moment she’s only been signed by Viva Paris, and her portfolio consists mainly test shots, and some polaroids. So imagine, you’ve just started working in this cut throat industry, and the next thing you know you are in the MIU MIU campaign, which used to be an only celeb type of thing…

She’s definitely something.

UPDATE: Victoria and Whitney didn’t make the cut.


  • alexyellowjello

    She looks really fresh.

  • AMB

    Saw all the Miu Miu ads and love them all. So glad Muccia is moving away from celebrities.

    But I hate the new Prada ads.

    I guess we can’t win them all.

  • Asilah

    Yes! I have my eye on Soderstrom. There hasn’t been much work for her except for the Miu Miu campaign which I feel has a subtle ferociousness to it though some people may think its too plain and simplistic.

    Can’t wait to see what this girl can do, she has great facial structure and reminds me slightly of Iris S.