14 going on 40

Monika Jagaciak
From Poland, born in year 1994.

I know the news of her being banned from fashion week for being too young is old news. But I just saw this editorial of her at the beach by local photographers Chuando and Frey, and I can’t believe how extreme this issue has gone to?

I browsed through her profile at FMD and I realized that I still keep a few issues of magazines with her on the covers, but I guess I am a little late on noticing how young she is. She was in Singapore a year ago to build up her portfolio and she literally swept all the local December 2007 covers— Harper’s Bazaar, Style:, ELLE, FEMALE and L’Officiel (in which she also nabbed the January cover). And since it was December 2007, she must be 13 years old when she shot all of these on this sunny island:

Do you see a problem?

images: all from FMD via TFS

  • http://www.trait-trajection.blogspot.com TraiT

    God, you know how I feel about extremely young models, I think it’s getting out of hand. They’re gorgeous and all, yes, but these poor girls are still growing for god sakes.

    Personally, I think even editorials should wait till they’re MORE matured, like 18.

  • http://nightsofsunshine.blogspot.com Sunshine

    I just love the Harper’s and Elle covers, she looks stunning.
    The beach picture is a bit too much for that age.

    She is young yes, especially too young to go to Singapore for a year to build up a portfolio. Can’t see how she would get a proper education while doing that.

  • http://rocketrend.wordpress.com/ Laila

    just got to know from a source that she was signed up by Chuando & Frey’s local modelling agency, avenue. I gotta write a post about the agency soon because they have some really huge models under their belt…

  • Lupussy Galore

    Its a shame! Its child abuse!

  • kayandreamer

    If she keeps it classy I dont really see a problem with the whole age drama?

  • http://asianmodelsblog.blogspot.com Asian Models Blog

    She definitely doesn’t look 13 or 14 in those photos. The Elle cover is absolutely gorgeous.

    As for the age thing, it may be hard to understand but sometimes, lighting only strikes once. And you gotta go with it when opportunity knocks. Her biggest challenge in life will be to find someone to ground her — give her some strong values and character.

  • http://www.xanga.com/fashionforwarddd zoe

    wow. i wish i looked like that when i was 13/14….i wish i looked like that now!

  • http://livealittle@blogspot.com charissa

    those covers are gorgeous, but for a 14 year old to be snapped in photos like that first one is disgusting.

  • la poubelle

    how is it okay to think for people to see 13/14 year old children as sex objects?

  • Patricia

    I don’t think in this girls’ case she is being portrayed at a sex object, simply because he shoots transmit HER sexuality.

    You must also take into account that if she swept the covers, it’s because people are buying it, and like her. That, and the fact it’s rarely revealed how old a model is on the front cover…

  • nowohucianka

    I wouldn’t say it’s local scene. Most of the Polish models started their global career after the high school graduation (f. ex. Magda Frackowiak).

    But, yes, the first pic is definitely child abuse. Disgusting.

  • Chantelle Yves Barbe

    There are lots of models who started at a very young age like Daria Werbowy, Gisele Bundchen, and Alessandra Ambrossio. I do agree that she is doing some very sexy shoots for her age, but I also believe that she’s aloud to say no. No model is told that he has to do something. She gets herself to the shoots and poses. Whether it is right or not, is not our choice. She looks great, and she looks like she can go far in the modeling industry. I wish her luck.

  • tony g

    I think she is amazing. I wish they would use more of these young models. Im tired of seeing the unproportionate older females take stages when the beauty and sheer sexiness that one this age can exude is mind boggling. Take away that she is 14. Look at the first photo. I rest my case. Im glad that there is a rise in teen modelling. God willing. And she CHOSE to do it…

  • balt

    well… i actually know monika. she doesn’t seem to be unhappy. and the problem doesn’t lie in her family, that’s for sure. honestly i don’t see the problem in here…if she gets paid a lot of money for something she likes….?

  • Rambo1424

    As beautiful as she is this is just wrong and I hope she retanes her inasents.

  • niki

    I have many different emotions,veiws and morals towards this….
    I’m studying fashion and writing an essay for uni on..
    ‘controversial allusions to child-sex in fashion photgraphy and advertising’
    if anyone has any references it would be amazing, or any more allusions…so far i’ve got…
    younger viewers and the ‘role models’ they are looking towards.
    The models themselves and the allusion that they have to expose/exploit themselves to make $$ or to get a ‘break’ in the fashion industry, and also that they are representing themselves and others (same age) as sexual objects.
    The allusion on society that this is normal.
    That it is ok to have sex with underaged people, and also to think of children as ‘sexy’
    AND to predators that it is fueling and verifying their viewpoints, on peadiphilia

    any and all information would be appreciated.

  • Johnny Dee

    Magazines have been using 13 and 14 year old models for decades. What’s the big deal?

  • NotMe

    Only problem I see is that she’s not sitting on my lap