Liu Wen on Herworld

Liu Wen was in Singapore briefly last Novermber (all we bloggers met her at the Burberry opening party remember?), and like every other models/celebs who flew in for events or shows, they always get to be on the cover of one local magazine. Lily Cole on Female, Erin O’Connor on Bazaar… and now Liu Wen on Herworld, in none other than Burberry. I grabbed my copy, flipped through it and feel rather disappointed that there’s no editorial of her inside, but still, Liu Wen looks gorgeous! (When will she get her Vogue China cover?!)

[image: herworld singapore facebook page]

  • Noura

    wow she’s gorgeous

  • one source talent

    She does really look amazing. What a great color.

  • Ashburn Eng

    Great face!! But I feel the bangles are getting too much attention..