Liu Wen makes Vogue US debut + Numero China #1 cover girl

Liu Wen is having another ‘it’ moment right now. Besides fronting the Vogue China September/5th Anniversary issue, she has finally made her debut in Vogue US via an editorial photographed by Steven Meisel — “We Are The World”. This is her second time working with Meisel, having previously been featured in the cK One fragrance campaign also shot by the top photographer.

Remember the ‘Rumour du Jour’ I wrote about last month?
Numero is launching a Chinese version just in time for September and Liu Wen has the honour of being their very first cover girl.

[images: TFS]

  • AMB

    She is having an “IT” month. She is also in US Teen Vogue and US Harper’s Bazaar this month.

  • JY

    Hi Lailu, might you have any idea where to buy Vogue China in Singapore? Thanks!

  • Laila Lu

    Hi JY,

    Vogue China is not available in Singapore, but if you want it I can try to bring it in for you! or you can try ebay as well 🙂


  • Hannah

    I adore Liu, she is so beautiful and she looksso much like my friend. I alsodon;t really like the vogue us editorial, firstly because I am broed to death of KarlieKloss, she may be ferocious, but shedoeshaveone predominantlook, which is(in a good way, I just donthavetheright words)a snooty ‘up yours’ look. Shemay have slight variations, but I wish there was mroe variations of models. I blame VogueUS forover exposure of miss kloss, prior to recently I adores her. I think the reason I didn’t like the editorial is becasue they were all made to look the same, It is called we are the world, but they show no cultural variations due to the same skin colour. I used to be all for save anna, but seriously, Vogue could do witha breath of fresh air, especially with thisblake lively cover rumour circulating. My fingers are crossed.

  • jean


    How many issues of vogue china can u bring in?

    Actually more looking of getting special edition best of 5!


  • JY

    Hey Laila, the September 2010 issue looks great! how does this bringing in work? Thanks 😀

  • Trina

    Liu Wen is gorgeous on the covers!