Like Kate

OK all those talkings about who and who and who are the new Kate Moss should just go down to the drain now.

I just worked with this model who looks so much like Kate Moss, she literally stopped people’s tracks.

So yes or no?

(Random phone camera pictures)



Barbara, 20, height: 5 ft 10, from Hungary, currently only agency represented in Hungary and Singapore.

ETA: a picture from her book.


  • MC

    Yes, I agree.
    Except maybe Kate’s face was a little less round at that age.

  • alexyellowjello

    Oh yes!

  • cindy

    ey… a lil bit.. just a lil.

  • lenore

    yeah she does resemble Kate a little in the eyes. but honestly who the hell would want to be labeled the next “Kate Moss” ugh.

  • Coco

    Wow! Not quite twins, but sisters!

  • Asilah

    OH MY GOD, I literally yelped that out loud. This is so freaky/ cool. Woahhh

  • Asilah

    Which agency represents her?

  • Laila

    Phantom in Singapore

    and her mother agency in Hungary.

  • Hélène

    omg that’s INCREDIBLE!! Even freaky actually!

  • Summer

    What’s her last name? Or what’s her mother agency in Hungary cuz she is absolutely beautiful, and I’d love to find more about her.

  • Laila

    Hi Summer,

    Are you an agent/scout from overseas? If you want to know her on the serious level I can help you ask you about her via Facebook or something, just contact me ,I’m not too sure about which is her mother agency except that she got discovered via a model competition back home etc etc 🙂

    You can see more pictures of her at phanton management’s home page but honestly, those test shots don’t really do her justice AT ALL. She just arrived in Singapore for more work so hopefully by then you would get to see better pictures of her 🙂


  • Summer

    Oh nononono, I was just curious. 😛 But thanks anyway! 🙂

  • shee

    theres a girl in australia’s next top model season 5 who looks like kate moss too. she got into the top 2.

  • Betty

    ehh, yeah she looks a lot like Kate, but shouldn’t the girl who’s being touted as the next Kate be worthy because of her modeling talent and not because she looks the most like her? And would we really want the next iconic model to look just like the last one? That seems a bit boring. Not to rag on this new model. She’s lovely, and I’d be interested to see her work.

  • tawny

    Why should girls look like other models.. when models rise to be on top they should have there own look not because they look like the last model.
    but yes she does look like kate and is pretty but i don’t wanna keep seeing a wannabe kate face everywhere unless your actually the kate moss.
    i wanna see different looking models not the same boring ones or this girl looks like this model so she’s gonna be the star.. be orginal.


    (she is beautiful).