Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ directed by Nick Knight

Famed fashion photographers like Hedi Slimane and Steven Klein had worked with Lady Gaga previously for her music video and artwork. Now it’s British photographer and director of Nick Knight’s turn to go behind the lens for the pop star. If you have watched Gareth Pugh’s Fall/Winter 09/10 show video, you will enjoy Gaga’s latest highly visualized video also by the same team.

The video begins with Lady Gaga sitting in an ornate glass throne amidst a star-filled space and then later shown sitting in the throne above a planet, with her legs spread apart for a supposedly ‘birthscene’.
Gaga and her dancers routine soon followed as the song begins and as the second verse begins, Gaga and model Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) are both shown wearing tuxedos, with her face painted to mirror his tattoos. Our favourite part is the alternative clips with Gaga actively dancing to Genest while he stays in zombie mod, kinda funny.

When the chorus plays for the second time, Gaga sings in a room of mirrors, while her head is displayed in a glass box among several oddly distorted mannequin heads. More choreographed dance routines are performed by Gaga and her dancers, and when the song ends, everyone gather in a circle and embrace. The final shot is a closeup of Gaga in her zombie makeup, chewing bubble gum and blowing a bubble.

It’s another Lady Gaga video filled with shock factors, how would you rate Nick Knight’s effort?