Kinga's new do— yes or no?

Kinga Rajzak now


I much prefer seeing her in that jet-black hair, in that right length. It is really unique, and mature, moreover it suits her to bits. Her career shot up over the past year, she was on Meisel’s list: Vogue Italia March 09′ cover, scoring Missoni and Phi campaigns, walking Prada, Givenchy and Balenciaga shows…



She could have scored a hair contract.


Now this is very Mariacarla circa 2006 isn’t it? Black hair turned blonde pixie hair. Wonder how will it look on the runways… or magazine pages.

[images: theroommag.blogspot,,]

  • Hélène

    Oh no, that hair is awful! She used to remind me of Leigh Lazark… Now it’s more like Rizzo from grease.

    She should at least dye her hair back to brown or black if she’s going to have it short! Unless it’s just a bad angle…

  • X-Wen

    That hair change reminded me of Aggy Deyn, yeah I prefer her in jet black hair.

  • bhisan

    she definitely looks intimidating in blonde short hair. the eyebrows n her eyes just very very intimidating !

  • e

    it’s like a bad sharon stone pic. very aging, not at all punky and young like aggy’s

  • AMB

    She looks SO MUCH OLDER in the blond pixie cut.

    I don’t like it. I think she’s prettier and softer with the old look.