RTT Exclusive: interview with JW Anderson

Jonathan William Anderson, aka the 28 year-old designer behind the label JW Anderson, is in town for the weekend to launch his TOPSHOP collaboration, complete with a mega party tonight. There are many TOPSHOP stores around the world and to know that he’s actually right here in person is kind of amazing given how busy the designers schedules are some times. I managed to catch up with him for a quick chat the day after he arrived at Grand Park Hotel and we had a casual interview session about his line, his interest and more. Check it out:

On the spooky elements in this collaboration: “It wasn’t intentional, I always have a thing for Halloween. It’s so graphic, moody. I kind of like to associate with American film, and a little bit of pop culture.”

On his favourite pieces of the collection: “I love the Bat sweater, and actually the V neck sweater is my favourite. A guy can wear it, a girl can wear it, with like nothing underneath. I love the tortoise prints, and the t-shirt with the woman and the back of her head.”

On collaborations: “For bags and shoes and jewelleries, we would like to keep within the brand, it’s part of bringing up the DNA. But the coverage for TOPSHOP is great, to be able to get out to people that may not know you.

On celebrities: “Celebrities that actually wear our clothing are Kristen Dunst, Anne Hathaway, Leigh from The Misshapes, Azealia Banks. I never go after celebrities, I feel like you have to just naturally pick up on it. When Kristen Dunst started buying our jackets, I was like you can have them! You can have whatever you want! She’s like a boy-girl, I like that vibe.”

On social media: “I like to communicate with people, to talk to people and know what they think about my brand, I think it’s good to be able to know what’s wrong what’s right, there’s no filter, but magazines have filter.”

On where he want to travel: “Brazil, Argentina, also places that actually stocks us but I’ve never been, maybe like Shanghai & Beijing which I’ve never done.”

On his first meeting with Anna Wintour: “She’s actually really friendly. She’s an intelligent woman who knows what clothing is about and understands the global picture of it, supports big houses and small houses. I really admire her stamina, I think she’s amazing.”

JW Anderson X TOPSHOP will hit stores on Sunday 30 September at Knightsbridge and ION Topshop stores, see the complete lookbook here.