Guess who

Agyness Deyn for Vogue Korea Jan 09′


image: yes24

  • Augustine

    She is really …….

  • X-Wen

    that makes two of us *speechless* marilyn, i never imagined that.

  • Asian Models Blog

    OMG, that is one of the most awesome cover and photo of Agyness ever.

    Vogue Korea is really pushing the envelope lately. Good for them!

  • peek-a-boo

    Its one of the best covers I’ve seen so far. Arirang!

  • Hannah

    I don’t like it. I hate Agyness anyway, but I think a different model could have pulled this off better. I think she looks matronly in a way na dhte hair is not good.

  • Anthony

    I like it! It’s very Marilyn!

    They should have used Lily Donaldson! She’s my love 🙂 hahaha.

  • Laila

    ^aggy makes a fierce marilyn monroe 🙂

    i am just surprised to see her appearing on a vogue cover, looking like this. it’s a pleasant surprise.

  • Camille

    Hmm…I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong – I love Agy – I just don’t think she was the best choice to do such a classy spread. After all, is she not the definition of British Punk?

  • Chic Noir

    Wow, this pic of aggy just blows me away.

  • Augustine

    aggy finally close her mouth in a editoral…

  • sophie

    she looks stunning! it’s great to see her looking so different from her usual ‘look’… very nice

  • chekka cuomova

    What the!! I once thought that she was boring but now that I see this, it’s just…. WOW!!!

  • cotonbriesimba

    Wow, wow, wow. she looks surprisingly asian!

  • m

    stunning! simply stunning.

  • passionista

    when can marilyn rest in peace? no woman was like her

    nothing is suprisisingly at this cover….yaaawn…and the wig is too obvious

  • Gina

    I love it! She looks very classy.

    But I wouldn’t call her the definition of British Punk, hello, ever heard of The Sex Pistols or The Clash? The original punk rockers. They trump her everytime!