Gisele’s water dress

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Ipanema Gisele Bundchen

How sexy is this? Obviously, we can never wear a water dress in real life but you know what, this is just plain gorgeous.


  • liz

    Simply amazed by the ad. Refreshing. Eye Catching.
    Very Creative.

  • http://http// Asian Model Blogger

    OMG, that ad is absolutely gorgeous. It’s amazing!! Although Giselle doesn’t look recognizable there.

  • Dana

    that add is so good.
    i like how they got the water to splash into a dress?

  • clotheshorseok

    Great picture and beautiful ad!

  • Nagarajan

    It’s very nice..

  • Sweetie

    She Is Beautiful!

  • Leela

    It’s a very eye catching piece. Love artistic shots like this – it’s the type of thing that would look great on your wall!

  • gammadusk

    Wow. Amazing. Pun intended…Giselle is an Amazon
    (um…that’s what the Ipanema brand gives a percentage of profits to yes?)

  • shaniqua


  • franzy

    LOVE IT!

  • cas4

    She is very Sexy girls.
    Gisele Bundchen

  • sarah

    i would love to be abel to wear a dress like that i mean come on now =]

  • jegeg

    maybe need more power to use that dress… n of course feel so water

  • jenny

    she is amazing!!!!i love her she has a perfect body!!..she is VERY SEXYand the water dress is so awesome great adv n pic!!

  • bla bla norway

    cool dress ! how did you gett the water to look like a dress ?! .. I want that dress !!

  • Gina


    I am speechless! I love Gisele even more now!

  • mrz.cullen

    wow. datz a pretty dress…too bad its impossible. though itz not sumthin i would wear…..

  • deanna


  • Mujjaz

    Simply superb, cant move my eyes from it…

  • enkhmaa

    She Is Beautiful!