Gemma’s comeback, all the photos that you need to see

prada gemma 2015 1

It’s probably still too early to say but the highlight of Spring/Summer 2015 fashion week show season so far is definitely GEMMA WARD‘s runway comeback. Basically when the elfin princess from down under took the runway as the opener for the Prada show, the internet exploded. I feel sorry if no one actually remembered what she wore, because everyone was just talking about GEMMA. The last time she was on the runway was the Spring/Summer 2008 show season and since then it has been radio silence from her. In recent years there have been a lot of model comebacks but this beats them all because it has been 7 years (and of course a lot of speculations and rumours in between which we don’t address.)

IMG has already quickly announced on their Instagram that “she is here to stay” so maybe a cover or a campaign is in the works, but in the meanwhile, you can feast your eyes with more GEMMA goodness in the following photos. (Source: The Fashion Spot)

prada gemma 2015 2prada gemma 2015  3

prada gemma 2015 4prada gemma 2015 5

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