French on top

‘Françaises au Top’
ph by Victor Demarchelier

From left— Melodie Dagault, Constance Jablonski, Charlotte de Calypso, Sigrid Agren, Jennifer Messelier and Mathilde Frachon. (Eh wait, why is Heloise Guerin being left out? She hangs out with some of these fellow Frenchies.)

image by Angel Scans

It’s about time someone notice the French invasion. I would say it’s Constance and Sigrid who ignite it. Among the six, Charlotte started the earliest (Prada Spring 06′ exclusive anyone?), and Jennifer dates back to Spring 08′ (Jil Sander exclusive). Then just recently Constance and Sigrid exploded into the scene. Finally more French girls! Isn’t it weird that even though Milan and Paris are fashion capitals but the only working models you can name that hails from those countries are MariaCarla and Morgane Dubled (by the way why Vogue Paris snub her)? Melodie was Givenchy Fall 09′ exclusive and Mathilde, I mentioned her before. They are both new in the scene.

Funny, I just worked with a French model last weekend, called Mathilde too. I love how spontaneous she was, and just brought a lot of energy to the shoot. Parisians are Parisians, they have a certain kind of chic-ness and grace to carry off the clothes. It’s very refreshing to see that.

  • Kassie

    Morgane is too under-rated. I love her walk and she has only been in VP once, which Is unfortunate for VP