Five Questions with Craig Redman

I have posted about New York-based graphic designer/illustrator Craig Redman’s Darcel Disappoints series on the front row-ers of Fashion Week previously, now here’s a full length interview with him on his collaboration with OROTON – an Australian accessories brand which had recently stepped into the Singapore market.

After working with Street-style blogger Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil for their Fall/Winter 11/12 campaign, OROTON is now turning to Australian-born illustrator Craig Redman on a brand new campaign. Craig worked on three different mediums to create three different components – A set of posters depicting selected pieces from OROTON’s Fall/Winter 11/12 Collection, a neon-light window display that will be exhibited at OROTON stores worldwide, as well as a digital animation that will be available on Oroton’s website.

Why did you decide to collaborate with OROTON?

Being Australian I was always aware of Oroton while I was growing up, so it was an honor to work on a project with the brand. Oroton had seen my work floating around the internet so we started talking over email before meeting in person several times here in New York. Over time we developed a relationship and talked about ideas for a possible collaboration. The whole process has been a pleasure and is perfect evidence of what can be achieved in an artist /client relationship when there is an open brief – I’ve been free to experiment with ideas and Oroton has been open to new directions which has ultimately lead to a great finished product that I’m super happy with.

What was your inspiration for your latest campaign with OROTON?

I wanted to create a campaign that focused less on typical photographs of products and was more about creating a new overall feel for Oroton. Even though the imagery does use specific products, it’s more about giving those products a personality that people can connect to. There’s a certain emotional response to you get when seeing the illustrations, rather than them being exact reproductions of what you’ll find in-store.

Hopefully people will get a visceral reaction when looking at my work with Oroton. It’s bright, bold, fun and is ultimately intended to make you happy. Even thou I’m a rather cynical person strangely my work tends to be optimistic and upbeat.

There seems to be a rising trend of illustrators collaborating with fashion labels, what are your thoughts on this?

I think it’s great for both the fashion and art industries to work together, they both share similar ideals so it makes sense to merge the two for collaborative projects. It often gives projects a new perspective and outlook too, which is what makes the outcome unique and desirable.

You enjoy doing caricatures of icons you meet, especially in the fashion industry, if you could caricature someone new who would it be?

I haven’t done one of Lynn Yaeger yet, I really love her. She really lives and breathes fashion, I often see her walking around Greenwich Village, and whether it’s Thursday night or Sunday morning she ALWAYS has her full look together.

What’s next in store for you?

I have a couple of collaborations with Nike coming up, and a big project with a European airline which will be fun. My creative agency, Craig & Karl, is working on new graphics for a PlayStation game as well as editorial illustrations for Teen Vogue and Magazine. Also my ongoing products with colette and regular blogging for Opening Ceremony.