Five questions with Bhanu Inkawat, designer of Greyhound Original

For those who have watched Thai label Greyhound‘s show at Audi Fashion Festival recently, has it been hard for you to get it off your mind? (See runway photos here) The entire presentation was simply mind-blowing right to the set up and the models’ slow walk and we are very glad that they participated in AFF this year.

We caught up with the creative director and chief designer of Greyhound Bhanu Inkawat backstage before the show for a quick Q&A to learn more about the collection and his visit to Singapore.

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?
The theme for this collection is called, “Peace Please”, symbol for the new generation coming together to change the world. There is so many negativity going on in the world right now, taking Thailand, the Middle East and Japan for example. With a lot of tension and conflict affecting the way we live our lives, the world is going crazy. Let’s change the world. Let’s go slow and peacefully. Thinking about the world than just yourself, don’t just take but also give and share. That’s the attitude of the show.

Why did you choose to show in Singapore?
We were invited to show here. Singapore is a very exciting market. We started working with different companies here like Front Row and TANGS, for men and women collections. So we want to explore our brand here as much as possible. As TANGS is only showcasing some parts of the collection, Audi Fashion Festival 2011 is a great opportunity for us to present the entire collection.

Do you have plans to expand your lifestyle cafe business into Singapore?
We are looking for local partners, and we may be opening a Greyhound Cafe in Hong Kong within this year.

Which season do you enjoy designing more?
Autumn Winter. Even though Bangkok is very hot, we have a lot of clients who are from Europe. That’s why we have some Autumn Winter pieces in the collection.

What is your style?
I like to mix and match. Currently, I am wearing a shirt from last season, about global warming, with a Lanvin jacket.

via, photo by Shavonne and Viona

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