Five minutes with Giles Deacon

The 2011 Audi Fashion Festival ended on a high on Thursday with the Emanuel Ungaro by Giles Deacon show. The sexy va-va-voom Parisian-chic pieces are indeed so stunning the entire show is still lingering in our minds. Hmmm, in the meanwhile check out our quick Q&A with Giles backstage before the show started.

How different is it designing for your own label, Giles and Emanuel Ungaro?

They are for different women. And the Ungaro woman, is really flirtatious, and more feminine and parisienne. The Giles woman is a little bit more quirky. They are both edgy but the thing is that they are different kinds of characters but the characters can be in one woman. It’s not like it’s a different customer, the same customer can wear Ungaro and Giles but the clothes have a different feeling to it.

What is the signature of Emanuel Ungaro?

There are so many things within the use of many bold prints. Historically, Emanuel Ungaro was known for that, and we are really pushing the print technology to get really gorgeous colours and lots of drape. It’s very feminine, and a lot softer than mine.

Which season do you enjoy designing more?

I enjoy designing both of them. A new collection is always a new project as such. For A/W, we wanted to increase the vocabulary of what Ungaro is about and to make her a little bit edgier and more contemporary. The first collection was more of a clean slate of the previous five years and to get some credibility back, and to establish a new asethetic.

What’s your personal style?

Terrible. I like a good pair of shoes, I wear lots of jeans and chinos, t shirts and sweatshirts.

Have you worn contact lenses before?

Once, when I was small and I hated them. I hate putting things in my eyes, so I’ve worn glasses since I was five.

Is pink your favourite colour?

Yes. I like it a lot and also lime green, and black.

What do you do during your free time?

I swim a lot. I go a lot of art galleries, museums, see friends in the countryside. Regular things. I also do a bit of drawing and bike riding.

What do you think about fashion show live streaming?

It’s great! It’s a fantastic way for people to see the work that we, designers, all do. And it’s great that people from all around the world can be watching something like the Audi Fashion Festival 2011 in Singapore. It just makes things really accessible. So much is possible with technology.

What is it about yourself that very few people know about?

I wouldn’t dare tell something that no one knows about. What on earth do anyone want to know that for? Ok, I know one. I go hand gliding. I am a secret hand glider.

What is hand gliding?

Well, you will need to find out. That’s a secret.

via, photo by Viona Wang