Eva Mendes on the cover of Vogue ITALIA


I couldn’t believe it at first. Eva Mendes is more of a celeb that looks good on covers of Shape or Glamour: tan, beautiful smile and fit body… I wouldn’t mind Keira Knightley or even Anne Hathaway but Eva Mendes photographed by Steven Meisel?

Guess this is one of the most unusual VI’ covers in a long time, not to mention a Hollywood celeb. Under the lenswork of Meisel, it still feels Vogue Italia, it is a very different shot of of her. Do you want to see another celeb fronting it again?

”Eva Mendes and Steven Meisel have been hanging out a lot lately. Meisel recently shot the actress for Calvin Klein’s fragrance and underwear campaigns, which will make their debuts in fall fashion magazines as well as the May cover of Italian Vogue at a private home in the Pacific Palisades. The May issue hit newsstands on Friday” — WWD

But given that Meisel is very picky when it comes to models (he snubs the likes of Freja Beha, Catherine McNeil), Eva must have been really impressive. I am curious about how her editorial and the Calvin Klein campaigns would turn out.

And then there’s the Mariah Carey i-D cover, which left me totally speechless:


Mariah is a great singer, she has a great voice and I love her songs. Fronting ad campaigns like PINKO, ok. But i-D is precious, remember how the likes of Gemma Ward, Raquel Zimmermann, Kate Moss and Devon Aoki had once rocked the cover with so much grace that reminds you of what is artistic high fashion?

What are they trying to sell, or tell exactly?

Give me a clue.

image: TFS

  • Kielo

    I`m totally sold on Mendez! She just gives a hard latina edge that can really go from gangsta to vulnerable. One of the only actresses for any style mag (that work for me).

    I-d might be aiming at making the 40+ market feel better about themselves? Who else would be into that cover?

  • hannah

    I think her face looks a bit distorted. Her eyes look cross eyed, and her mouth looks very strange…….

  • wottoncool

    i really don’t get the mariah carey cover ._. what for!!

  • http://www.fash-eccentric.com X-Wen

    YIKES! That woman is a cradle-snatcher, married Nick Cannon. OMG. Should I, or should I not buy i-D this month…

  • http://asianmodelsblog.blogspot.com Asian Models Blog

    It’s very alarming indeed. Could it be because VI is trying to gain readership or increase subscriptions?

    But does increase in readership mean a better magazine or will the content be dumped down to appeal to a larger audience?

    US Vogue has a readership of 2 million compared to 200,000 for Paris Vogue. But US Vogue is a piece of crap compared to its European counterparts. Ultimately it is the $$$ that counts, unfortunately.

    Let’s hope Eva Mendes on VI is an anomaly for the magazine.

  • sophie

    why wont meisel work with freja or catherine? whats wrong with them?

    as for the mariah carey cover… i just don’t get it. when i think of MC i definately don’t think of high fashion.

  • e

    the VI shot reminds me of early 90s work meisel did with isabella rosselini and linda evangelista for dolce e gabbana — chanelling sophia loren and other italian 50s pin ups. so i can see the link with past meisel work.

  • Letthemeatcake

    This post and a lot of the comments written here I why I’ve begun to loathe fashion and it’s industry.

    Unless something fits such a narrow-minded view of ‘high beauty’ it must be questioned and poked at.

    Mariah is an unconventional choice for i-D only if you discount how talented she is and how long she’s endured as a pop artist (I’m not particularly a fan but I can give her that).

    The waifs and ‘high fashion’ models that i-D usually uses are pretty too but they are not the only version of beauty, not the only forms of icons.

    I think Eva Mendes is out the gate beautiful and Vogue is lucky to have such a stunning actress on their cover. I agree that she has a throwback look – calling to mind Sophia Loren or even Cindy Crawford and the era of 90s ‘glamazon’s.

  • Kielo

    Actually I think that Meisel has a really good, and gay, eye for celbs. The ones I remember seeing in my VI reading career are: Selma Blair, Nicole Richie and now this. And I loved them all, maybe I`ll have to get this one too.

    The telenovella angle is interesting since they have gone mainstream quite a while ago, and are stylisticly cheap. Will there be a kitch revival soon? Definitely the cover is about embracing all that`s faggy in you.

    And done well it works.

  • kayandreamer

    Mariah looks like a muppet

  • ben

    i was as confused as everyone else when i saw the vogue italia cover. to be honest i rarely open the mag.

    but out of confusion and curiousity i opened the mag with eva on cover and lo and behold – yes she’s channeling sofia loren and 50’s dolce vita and vargas girls etc but i’d say half the poses are really quite vulgar and almost porny but not in a classy way.

    like it or not (i didn’t) i guess u could say it reveals a diffrent side to eva mendez