Current Obsession: Nervo Sisters

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I recently chanced upon an article in VOGUE “Meet NERVO: Music and Beauty’s Hottest New Import” about the Nervo sisters and OMG, they are super bloody cool.

Hailing from Melbourne, Miriam Nervo and Olivia Nervo are musicians, songwriters, producers, ex-models who are, as you can tell, twins.

How’s this package of stylish twins who DJs and have kick-ass attitude and high level of sass? By the way they co-wrote the Grammy Award-winning single “When Love Takes Over” which featured David Guetta and Kelly Rowland.

Their style can be written as a cross between Ke$sha-Miley Cyrus-Gwen Stefani, the trouble maker grunge rock chic that you know will gain fashion followers anywhere in the world (read: especially hipsters). The duo were previously signed to a modeling agency in Melbourne and also ambassadors of the fashion festival back in their home town.

Definitely one to watch… come to Singapore will y’all?

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