Calvin Klein past exclusives ’02 – ’08

Firstly, what does an ‘exclusive’ means?

“The model gets paid a lot of money and will only walk that particular show for that particular capital’s fashion week. They become the most wanted of the season because everyone wants what they can’t have.”

All these years, Calvin Klein’s show casting has been almost as important as Prada’s, but a lot more limited. The Imagist has also hinted that CK is soon becoming one of the premier runway to watch.

Here are the past exclusives:

Fall 02′

Jessica Miller (opened & closed), Caroline Amaral

Spring 03′

Jessica Miller, Iris Strubegger

Fall 03′

Diana Dondoe, Simone Hanke

Spring 04′

Natalia Vodianova (opened & closed), Polina Kouklina, Renee Meijer

Fall 04′

Natalia Vodianova (opened & closed)

Spring 05′

Natalia Vodianova (opened & closed), Solange Wilvert, Marina Peres

Fall 05′

Natalia Vodianova (opened & closed) — Camila Finn

Spring 06′

Natalia Vodianova (opened & closed), Elena Melnik, Camilla Finn

Fall 06′

Charlotte Di Calypso, Milana Keller, Maggie Borman

Spring 07′

Natalia Vodianova (opened & closed), Lara Stone, Ekat Kiseleva

Fall 07′

Natalia Vodianova (opened & closed), Irina Kulikova, Viviane Orth

Edythe Hughes, Johanna Jonsson

Spring 08′

Toni Garrn (opened & closed), Karlie Kloss, Taryn Davidson

Fall 08′

Toni Garrn (closed), Ali Stephens (Opened), Diana Farkhullina

Spring 09′

Anna Selezneva? Stay tuned for that!

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