Back on the home front

As mentioned by Tao Okamoto in her recent i-D feature, she is going to be the first Japanese model to appear on the Vogue Nippon cover in 6 years.


SIX years and not a single Japanese model on Japanese Vogue, but which Japanese model was on a 2003 or 2004 cover? Browsing through the archives there’s Devon Aoki who’s on the May 2001 cover, Ai Tominaga appeared on Dec 2000 cover…

Most Vogues support their own models, the Russian and German edition have tribute issues, Brazil and India feature mostly models or actresses from their own country too, just to name a few. Maybe there aren’t a lot of established Japanese models to start off but Tao getting a major Vogue cover is super well deserved!

  • Asian Models Blog

    It is a shame, IMHO. But the Japanese pop-culture has always been looking westward leaning. I mean, how else can Paris Hilton and Tinsley Mortimer have a successful fashion/hang bag line there but not in the west.

    Am glad Vogue Korea uses lots of Korean models on their covers and in the editorials. But Vogue China is probably the most inclusive of all the Asian magazines. It regularly uses Hye & Han (Korean), Ai (Japanese) and the local girls like Du Juan and Emma Pei. Bravo to Vogue China, I say!

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