All grown up

Karlie Kloss in Numero #112 , Monika Jagaciak in Vogue Nippon.

Did you see that? The 90s kids have all pre-matured into womanly creatures. Fact is, in the years to come, the new comers are all gonna be born in the 1994-96s, your little cousin or your neighbor’s daughter might become the next Karlie in 3 years. I am a 90s kid myself, but when I look at Jac, her age and what she has done so far, well I wish I had hit the genetic jackpot.

Anyway, Karlie has been playing the safe card so far in her nearly 3 year career, you don’t really see her in so called ‘sexy’ editorials maybe until now. Personally, I like her work in print more than runway, it is where she really delivers (the Dior campaign is a dream…). Jac on the other hand, has always looked like a woman stuck in a child’s body, whenever you come across a picture of her, you can’t help but be reminded — she just turned 16 in January, so matter of factly, that is not a woman you are looking at, no matter how the editorial might want to portray her to be one (like, wearing a huge bra) because she is obviously way past the Teen Vogue stage right now. Maybe the non-model trackers don’t bother, but for those who does, they sure know. At the rate that Jac’s going, she’s set to become a really great model, her walk is improving and her body is changing, it’s like watching Dakota Fanning grow up from movie to movie, here we are dealing with little Jac from season to season.

[images: fashiongonerogue]