Ali still getting the love

After her weight gain controversy and appearance on the Today’s show, many could have wondered where will her career go. Well, she nabbed three campaigns this season.

Lanvin ‘Jeanne Lanvin’ fragrance

This is her second consecutive campaign for the sportswear line of MaxMara.

Anna Sui

Actually, they should just stop photoshopping her too much if the brands have intended to support her image. In the Lanvin fragrance ad, I could hardly recognize her.

I am waiting to see how will she fare in the upcoming show season, maybe she will walk a lot of shows afterall.

images: TFS

  • Nana

    It is very brave of Ali that she came forward about this kind ‘child slavery’ and what’s really going around in fashion. Models are human beings not material stuff such as clothes hangers! I hate the skinny, zombies with their grouchy look as they appear the last decade. I wish this trend shall be gone soon. It’s great they earn a lot of money for a while but what’s the price they have to pay for it the rest of their lives?

    I’ve lost a lot off weight due to an illness waiting only 50kg instead of the 55/57kg which was my normal weight. I’d never stood on a scale and now I’ve one since a while and I almost pray everytime I weight myself “Oh please show me a bigger number……”

    And I’m a woman, not a girl anymore, we women do need models that we can relate to as well. Or is life over after 30?

    Oh, and even Doutzen Kroes has declared on Dutch tv that she’s been told she’s ‘too fat’ for the catwalk shows! Ridiculous, the girl looks like a goddess. Good for her she keeps her natural figure and profits from it as a Victoria Secret’s angel. After all, a model life is not forever……

  • Nick

    I think it’s ridiculous that she still gets modelling jobs. The fashion industry loves skinny girls. That doesn’t mean they want the girls to be anorexic. Most of the models are very healthy. That she can’t handle critics from the fashion industry doesn’t mean the fashion industry talks girls into getting anorexic. She said a lot of bad things about the industry and it’s ridiculous she went on the today show.