3 Questions for Steven Kolb, CEO of CFDA

During my recent trip to New York Fashion Week in September, I caught up with Steven Kolb, the current CEO of Council of Fashion Designers of America, for a quick chat during the CFDA X Vitamin Water event.

There were many questions that I would love to ask him! But due to time constraint, I asked the most burning question off the top of my head first – what he thinks about Asia and CFDA’s ties with Asia.

“Tell us about CFDA’s recent collaborations?”
“What we are trying to do is creating exchange opportunity between American designers and Asian designers so we have a partnership in Korea with Samsung Mobile where we actually brought some American designers to Korea for events and developing business opportunities. We are also starting a program with Vogue China and that will be an exchange as well.”

“What do you think of sending American designers to Asia for shows?”
“I think it is important, it is a great opportunity to build a client base and fashion is a global business so the more you can expand your market and penetrate market outside of United States the better.”

“Which designer will you send to Asia for shows?”
“All of them! As many as possible!”