The stage set at Chanel

“It will be truly magnificent. It’s a massive 35-foot recreation of our famous 31 Rue Cambon. Wait ’til you see it. It will be absolutely epic!”
— an excited Karl Lagerfeld, before show

Amazing isn’t it? The productions team has came a long way since the giant bow, 75 ft tall jacket, merry-go-round… to this. And they must have spent a lot of $$$ to make it work. But I have to agree with him that this is truly epic. Plus, the clothes do match up to the grand stage, very couture-like and classic Chanel.

Karl has been on a roll lately, if you want to ignore that horrid Fendi Spring 09 collection, from his couture Fall 08′ till now he has been as magnificent as ever, don’t you agree?

Also at Chanel, after that carrier with his face from his own show, here came this shopping bag with a big fat ‘CHANEL’ printed on top. Seems like he really wanted his accessories to sell this season:

And if you are wondering whether the 75 year old is retiring any time soon, here’s the answer straight from the Kaiser himself:

“Why should I retire? Chanel died in 1971, doing a collection. I still have time.”

—see full collection here

images: yahoo news

  • chicnoir

    H needs the collection to sell so he can pay for that show.

  • chicnoir


  • The Style PA

    That set is epic. Must have costs a forune, and it really makes an impact.

  • Kelsey

    Love the set, so quintessentially Chanel it’s amazing. I’d buy that shopper, if the price wasn’t staggering like it most likely will be!

  • Kielo

    The set looks unfinished… But that has to be his best RTW in years and years! Sooo solid it breaks my heart, sorta.