The shoes at Celine

Celine Spring 09′

When creativity comes in abundance.


  • Kelsey

    Amazing. Who would have thought to completely cut out the middle part of the shoe?? I love the style. This is great!

  • asian models blog

    Ouch! No arch support = torture after 5 minutes in those shoes.

  • Chloe

    They remind me slightly of Lego pieces, don’t you think?

  • Laila

    i simply cringe when i saw these, i mean, it’s def made for publicity, women have problems with high heels and now they just created something that i don’t even want to call ‘shoes’

    btw, BYE IVANA, last show at celine was baaaad

  • chicnoir

    Model number 2 needs a pedicure pronto.

  • jelly

    I agree @ chicnoir and model number 3 need footspa.