It’s A Sporting Life! The Hermes Games Singapore Edition

HERMES GAMES singapore 1

Hot on the heels of the Hunger Games hype, french luxury brand Hermes brought together a local edition of “The Hermes Games” at the defunct Stamford American School at Lorong Chuan. The games are everything and anything that can be related to your childhood – snakes and ladders, tug-of-war, darts, badminton and there’s even a zig zag ping pong table (they call it zing song!) that can easily stress you out. The food and drinks were a collaboration with some of the most talented local chefs and bartenders including Willin Low, Janice Wong and Michael Callahan.

What a night. Now excuse me while I go and make some macaroons with the bottle of salted caramel I took home for “winning” one of the games!

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