The accessories at Marni

Over-the-top is not really something that I will associate Marni with but this time, it’s quite a departure. Though it looks a bit messy, they might look fine individually, given that the accessories department of the Italian label has always been churning out loads of highly coveted charming stuff, think those geometrical necklaces a few seasons back. But when colourful chunky earrings, necklace and shades are put together in one look then it is definitely a bit too much. I can see how well these individual pieces are going to be shown in editorials and be worn with simple garments, would you buy into any of those?

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  • Vogueite

    oh my… i’ll take the Gucci buckled killers in black, please 😛

    but yes i concur, i think the Marni shades have got to go… then again, it is amped up on the runway to get attention, but stylists will undoubtedly give it their own spin, and consumers will probably just get the jewelry?

  • Vogueite

    anyway, i just caught your outfit on streetsnaps, it’s really quite something else. loved the skirt and that you paired the C&K with it.

    i’ve been reading a little of your personal blog, you see, lol. you’re REALLY hardcore! but your insomnia seems to be working for you… i used to stay up till dawn as well, but i really can’t do that much anymore, too old hohoho

  • Laila

    Hey TheElitist (LOL)

    Thanks for the comment about my outfit… was kinda shocked they snapped me 😀

    and and, for fashion week, everyone’s schedule, timeclock whatever all turn upside down isn’t it? but it’s worth everything I guess.