Some thoughts on Milan Fashion Week

Dolce & Gabbana



The show is pure surrealism heaven, gloves as hats and watches as necklaces, the duo has been going in this very eccentric, artsy direction but still very Dolce & Gabbana with all the corsets and bustiers. Love the way they incorporated a little bit of art and visual, a really chic, darling overall look.



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Versace pret-a-porter is getting very couture-y in terms of the fabrics and details— the coat with purple ombre fur with rows of safety pins and the collage-y metallic/chiffon number are some examples, really amazing fabrics. The look is very slick and definitely something that modern women would love to wear. It feels very old Versace circa 06′ 07′, not the previous forward thinking collections with the tailored sculptural forms, which I guess, she is playing it safe this season.



These two pieces from the collection is very interesting, according to Veronica Etro, she “looked through the Etro archives and collected all the leftover scraps and dreamed up new ways of stitching them together”. Definitely a collector’s item.

Jil Sander



The coat above— no words. He mixed in a lot of simple classic Jil Sander pieces but the stand out ones are real extraordinary.


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Looking at Prada’s collections is like playing mind games. It takes a lot of time to understand and digest the meaning behind it. This time round, I feel that this is really one of her strongest, most solid collection in years. The woman she portrayed seems so powerful and fearless in all the leather and concentrated colours, it really grasped ‘the look’ of the moment. As always, Miuccia does what others don’t, but she always plays it right and incredibly spot on.

Roberto Cavalli


I like Cavalli this season. He did something very different, I have always remember his fall collection to be full of fur, prints, coats and loads of Italian glamour but Fall 09′ is rather cool and edgy. I can’t believe I am saying that about Roberto Cavalli.

[images: hintmag, style.cim,, catwalking]

  • Sukaina

    Favourites: Dolce and Gabbana (I quite like the Monroe print tops and dresses, I think alot of celebrities are going to be buying that), Prada (It looked great, as always), Etro, and, I can’t believe I’m saying it, but, Cavalli.

  • see_my_bling

    ^I agree with what you said about Cavali. I never really liked him, but this season was different. I loooved the boots.