Rodarte in detail

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[see full collection here]

It’s painful to see the complicated details at Rodarte, but what a waste to not carefully examine the looks carefully. You can say that ‘Rodarte’s been doing the same thing for two years already’ but they are clearly in a league of their own now, and they are simply evolving within what they’re good at and the moving on with the formula that worked, there’s nothing wrong with that. Before they started this patchwork/mixing fabrics look, they were doing these:

Spring ’06


Fall ’06


Fall ’07


and not to forget, their Spring ’07 collection which is a total opposite of what they are now


For their latest effort, it might not be as wearable as the other collections in New York (imagine Rodarte showing in Paris instead, like how Gareth moved), but certainly the collection has to be the highlight of the week.


  • Nati

    wow, their development is extraordinary, I wasn’t aware of their previous any case this new collection is just awesome!!
    x nati