Prada at Beijing – first catwalk show outside of Europe

Ever since Fendi started the trend with its show at Great Wall of China in 2007, designers have been flocking over to mainland China to stage fashion shows as major as the ones during the fashion week. Prada is the latest to jump on the bandwagon, hinting their new focus on the chinese market.

The show was held on 22 January in Beijing instead of Shanghai at the Central Academy of Fine Arts museum. The re-show not only showcased womenswear, but also included some menswear, as Prada mentioned recently that there’s a huge demand in China for men’s accessories. A number of Prada’s usual favourite models and campaign models (Arizona, Kinga, Zuzana) were flown to Beijing for the event. Asian faces like Tao Okamoto, Liu Wen, Sun Fei Fei, Du Juan, Emma Pei all participated as well.

Also not forgetting the international stars Gong Li, Maggie Cheung and Cecilia Cheung who added star wattage to the glamourous event.


  • Sonja Frick

    The penetration of Asian societies by western materialist values, fashion and trends.

    The Chinese readiness to sacrifice everything for economic ends.

    What is being lost is what was different, authentic and supportive of a tolerable human existence, while what is being gained is a material improvement which is probably not sustainable, and, worse, which brings with it the prospect of social division, conflict, and total selfish exploitation of the natural world.

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  • AMB

    The first image of Du Juan is breathtaking. She was, and still is one of the most beautiful girls around.