Phoebe Philo is back

Celine Resort 10′

02m 08m

12m 14m

05m 19m

17m 32m

21m 28m

24m 27m


OK it doesn’t feel very Phoebe, there are a few pieces with a softer colour palette that still feels very Chloé, but other than that the collection matches Celine’s sportswear/jet-setter aesthetics, so it explains quite a bit on the extra edginess and sharp silhouettes. While ex-designer Ivana Omazic was criticized for riding too much on trends, Phoebe is going another direction for her upcoming official fashion week debut for Celine— “It felt better for me to work on an idea of a wardrobe than too much on trends… the collection is about interchangeable investment pieces.” Doesn’t statements like that appeal to buyers during recession times the most?

(See the rest of the collection)


  • yi lin

    i can see where you’re coming from with the balenciaga thing. i think it’s a good first effort.

  • Colin

    Omg, This is hideous.
    It is making my eyes bleed.

  • Sophie

    i like the black and white dress, but the rest is awful

  • Lo

    barrel-like & clumsy

  • Dinie

    its a mix of hannah macgibbon and nicolas. BUT I LIKE IT ALOT.
    make me the last jacket?

  • Casey

    Yes, Phoebe, fashions fade and style is eternal, but if your designs are not fashionable, please make them stylish. Although I do like the third look’s peach coat.