Parco next NEXT at Audi Fashion Festival

Singapore’s very own incubator programme, PARCO next NEXT‘s show was full house (we mean full to the brim) on Saturday afternoon with the seats packed with fashion students, friends and family of the designers, big names like Dick Lee and Colin McDowell etc.

As you would have guessed, the energy was absolutely lively at the Tent. The show started with pumping music and a female model walking out in a boyfriend shirt.

The first designer out was Coupe Cousu, who sent down striking men’s shirt in eye popping neon colours fit for Spring/Summer, very refreshing non-monochrome menswear. Next is the edgy futuristic pieces from Mae Pang, followed by the achingly cute Polka – models were hopping down the runway giving out cute pouches to the front rowers.

Then came CHALK by Priscilla, which started with a super cute kid in bumblebee outfit – super cheerful and quirky. Pauline Ning’s carefully tailored pieces were show stopping, we particularly like the dress with a crazily constructed back. A.K.A Wayward came next and the quirky menswear label sent down printed shirts and cartoon-ish pieces that are wearable and not over the top.

Kenji was all into gothic glamour, and a lot of drama, think oversized cape and a bubble dress that turned into a rosette gown. Last but not least, one of Parco next NEXT most successful alumnae Max Tan, who has moved out of the complex, closed the show on a high with his genius showmanship, sending three models out wearing pattern pieces.

The finale reminds us of a typical Sonial Rykiel show, designers and models danced a little on the runway and hopped back in to backstage as the crowd cheered loudly. What a great show.

Photos by Shavonne