Nostos: Records of the Self by Aesop

Don’t miss the conceptual exhibition by the cult skincare brand.

But just one problem, the queue to visit the exhibition is really long on the first weekend of the annual Night Festival. How did a skincare brand get involved in a landmark cultural event that draws so much traffic and why such a long line to get in?

In this Instagram age, consumers are after “experience” and “visual likability” more than ever.

Aesop partnered with the National Museum of Singapore for this year’s Singapore Night Festival which has the theme of “ten magical years” for their 10th anniversary edition.

In keeping with the theme, Aesop’s conceptual installation at Gallery 10 in the National Museum of Singapore connects scent to memorable experiences, offering an aroma to mark the occasion. Visitors are encouraged to commit the scent to memory, allowing for re-visitation long after the lights have gone down.

Titled ‘Nostos: Records of the Self’, it takes inspiration from the Greek word nóstos, meaning homecoming or return. When paired with the Greek word álgos, meaning ache, the two words form ’nostalgia’ – an emotion for which scent is an evocative trigger.

If you miss the chance to see the exhibition or if you are simply too bothered by the queue – all local Aesop stores in Singapore will diffuse the scent for the duration of the festival, facilitating immediate transportation.

Nostos: Records of the Self
Singapore Night Festival
Gallery 10, National Museum of Singapore
Happening on weekends 18 to 20 & 25 to 26 August 2017 from 10:00am to 12:00am and on weekdays between 21 to 24 August from 10:00am and 10:00pm.

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