Let’s talk about WU.

Putting Michelle Obama topics aside for now, the collection’s overall presentation as a whole is perfect, very pleasant and well planned, the label is clearly belonging to the mainstream now.

But it is hard to not think of the first lady when talking about the show. Take note of…

1. The runway setting:



The ‘branches’ are a pretty cool deco, simple but a little artistic, much interesting than plain backdrops. According to people who went for the show, the seatings are very organized and the entire room had no one standing, which is rather formal for a small scale NY show… and of course, tons of important editors and a few celebs at the front row.

2. The casting:


It has been a long time since I last seen such a ‘healthy’ show… Many curvier models were used, namely Eniko Mihalik, Anne Vyalitsyna, Natalia Chabaneko, Heloise Guerin, Rianne ten Haken etc. And the top four black models right now have also been cast— Sessilee, Jourdan, Arlenis and Chanel Iman… plus Lakshimi of course, their darker skin helps in giving people a better vision of what Michelle Obama would have look like in those dresses I think.

3. The clothes:



The print of look#2 caught my eyes, it looks like little girls in dresses dancing. Reminds me of Michelle’s daughters.


The workmanship is remarkable as usual… If the first Jason Wu dress that Michelle worn actually took up to 100 hours to finish,  god know how much time was spent on those beadings and embroideries.

(Full collection here)

 [images: yahoo news, elle.com, catwalking]

  • http://asianmodelsblog@yahoo.com Asian Models Blog

    Great commentary/coverage on the Jason Wu show. I haven’t been watching the shows online yet. Will try to do that later this week.

    Love Jason Wu!

  • Sabina

    I think the backdrop (branches) and the little figures patter reference the artist Kara Walker – it is my first-glance totally uninformed impression.