J’Aime mon carré – Hermès Paris

Fancy French language? Hermès Paris has launched their latest campaign for the iconic silk scarf – J’Aime mon carré. Simple and sharp, the campaign I love my scarf has travelled around the world to four fashion capitals – Paris, London, New York and Tokyo – with British photographer Matt Irwin, art director Dean Langley and stylist Francesca Burns. The team has created one of the most vibrant and exciting fanzines, providing inspiration and exploring the many innovative ways of wearing a scarf. The campaign is being celebrated at special events in many countries like Australia, Czech Republic and now Singapore!

Sharing the love of the who and the how of Hermès scarves, the creative team took three days to bring the fanzine experience to the media and guests at Monu Nomu, a private house party which consists of four rooms to depict the four fashion capitals.

Our favourite has to be the Paris Room where all of us got to indulge in our own fashion moments with stylists showing us all the different ways to play with the Hermès scarves. Whether is it a headband or a statement necklace, Hermès scarves do it all!

The New York Room is one filled with American favourites – Cheese Steak Burgers, Brownies and Popcorn – and a lot of fun. Guests get to rewind and loosen up their ties and psych for a game (or two!) of ping pong or air hockey!

The London and the Tokyo Rooms are cosier and more homey where guests whine down and catch up. We fell in love with all the photographs and posters on the walls.

Last candid shot before leaving the partying – we caught up with Urban writer, Rohai (check out the Chanel!)

What can we say? J’aime mon carré‘s launch is a real incredible party. Thank you JFactor and Hermes for the awesome time we had.