In fighting spirit

There is quite an overdose of Lacroix news lately. Just recently his previous couture collection had a re-show at the Audi Fashion Festival, closed by Jaquetta Wheeler, and a costume & couture exhibition at the National Museum in Singapore. As the days to couture fashion week got nearer, almost every week there are numerous rumours and reports about the financial state of his company. The latest news is employees at Christian Lacroix would be cut from 124 to 12, and the house would close at the end of July, officially making it a licensing operation.

As for the collection, it is little too dark for Lacroix. I thought he would do a Marc Jacobs and go against this depression period by going all out, be as flamboyant as ever and have fun literally. But he’s obviously taking it very seriously.

Although it’s mostly black, I like that it still feels essentially Lacroix— the lace, the ribbons and the finale bride— and he truly honors the name of couture— he reportedly refused to use cheaper fabrics, because “in the deluxe field, you have to go all the way”.

Some pictures from the presentation, see full collection here








Lacroix must live!


  • alexyellowjello

    Vlada looks like Virgen Mary

  • tpadm

    Russian Virgin Mary!

    full collection up at already

  • dinie

    lacroix must live, but the last dress must be shredded immediately.

  • yi lin

    i also noticed the lack of colour- very uncharacteristic of Lacroix.