Hermes Festival des Metiers

The traveling Hermes Festival des Metiers exhibition is at its pit-stop in Hong Kong right now, but just a while ago, it made its debut in Singapore at the Paragon mall atrium receiving over 20,000 visitors. In a bold modern setting by internationally acclaim Milanese designer Paola Navone, the festival was a vibrant celebration of Hermes craftsmanship and presented demonstrations by ten artisans from the renowned workshop who flew in especially for the tour.

Here they are:

Jean Sebastian Vallee, the saddler

Leather artisan Eloise Megret

Small leather goods artisan Valerie Vasquez

Silk engraving artisan

Nadine Rabilloud, silk engraver

Silk print demostration

Kamel Hamadou, silk printer

Emanuelle Chen, tie-maker

Aude Novikoff, porcelain painter

Tony Jung, jewellery setter

Saren Our, watchmaker

[images: Hermes]

  • Jan Goode

    Thank you for covering this event and sharing your beautiful pictures and worthwhile information.