60 Photos of Hello, Shibuyo Tokyo Fashion Show

Watching fashion shows of Japanese designers is a very different feeling. I was wishing the show would never end. I managed to see the details pretty up close and it is in the DETAILS that really make people yelped “Oh My God” “Look at THAT” etc etc.

The show started with Mint Designs, followed by local designer Max Tan and lastly, ANREALAGE, which stunned the crowd with a glow in the dark finale for the collection “BONE“. If you look up on Youtube the show last Friday at Red Dot Museum look almost exactly like the original at Tokyo Fashion Week last October right down to the makeup and hair.

From interviewing the elusive designer of ANREALAGE Kunihiko Morinaga, he cites “his daily life, daily objects and structure of buildings” as his inspiration. He got the idea of creating a glow in the dark finale from an X-ray photo because from that people can see the bones.

ANREALAGE is stocking the less dramatic pieces at the on-going Hello, Shibuya Tokyo shopping event at Plaza Singapura. Max Tan’s rack consists of his past season’s work and Mint Designs runway pieces are available for buying – saves you a trip to Japan to shop if you’re a fan of their brand.

Check out some photos I’ve taken at the show here (warning: long photo post ahead)


Mint Designs

Max Tan