Forever 21 flagship store opening @ 313 Somerset

Call 313 Somerset the ultimate place of all flagship stores, the latest to celebrate its grand opening is Forever 21, held on Sunday at 4pm, the busiest and most crowded shopping time. To further generate more attention, there was a line of drummers performing right at the store entrance during the opening period. As if the store is not giant enough, you can’t miss it when you walk by .

The third Forever 21 store to open in Singapore is a 16,000 square feet four storey high flagship store. The interior is decorated like a dream house with chandeliers everywhere. It is easy to attract every young shopper with the sweet decor and price — some of the merchandise has been marked down specially for the launch period. With the store space, there is a huge array of merchandise stocked, some have already been sold out, ran out of sizes.

We the bloggers were given vouchers to get outfits to wear on that day. I might not be floral/girlie/vintage loving type but I managed to get a yellow parka (at $40) and a grey-navy blue striped sweater ($11) for that day.

Local celebs who attended, and stayed at the blogger station for a while, Jade Seah and Mindee Ong.

Before the ribbon cutting ceremony (with F21 co-Founder Mr Don Chang)— more drum beating.

Here came the lion dance troupe. It’s a very asian thing to do, a practice that brings in prosperity.

Last picture I took before leaving the store. Yes it is that crowded through out the day. Amazing huh.

  • theresa

    Thanks for sharing these pictures Laila! I passed the store during the opening ceremony but it was so crowded I decided not to enter, this must have been great fun! =] i really look forward to shopping at 313 again!

  • AMB

    Is this the same Forever 21 brand in the US that is constantly copying designers and sued by everyone?